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Tankless hot water heaters vs. tank storage water heaters.

Tankless water heater

What’s the difference? And which one is better for you.

Your home’s hot water heater is a necessary equipment item that’s required to keep life going on as normal every day. But if it’s time to replace yours, then it pays to get some facts about hot water heaters so that you know which one might be best for your particular needs.

Hot water heating equipment options:

There are two types of hot water heaters that you can choose from:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Storage water heaters

There are some important differences that you should know about each of these hot water heaters before making your final decision about which one might be better for you.

Tankless water heaters.

Often referred to as “on-demand” water heaters, tankless heaters are equipped with high-powered burners that heat water rapidly as it travels through a heat exchanger. This exchanger then delivers hot water directly to showers, faucets, etc. without storing it in a tank – hence the name ‘tankless.’

Normally powered by natural gas or electricity, tankless heaters provide you with energy efficiency that’s approximately 22% better than hot water heaters with tanks.

Water heaters

Tank storage water heaters.

Clearly, by their name, these hot water heaters have a tank, usually with the capacity of holding up to 30-50 gallons of water, which is heated to a set temperature and then stored until the hot water is required. The hot water is then forced through a pipe at the top of the tank and delivered to the bathroom or kitchen or wherever hot water is needed. These heaters also have a temperature and pressure-release valve, which opens when temperature or pressure goes beyond levels that you’ve set for the system.

Storage tank water heaters are the most common in US homes, as they have been around for many years. They normally require natural gas or electricity to heat the water in the tank. Heaters using natural gas to heat water use almost 50% less than those that use electricity but natural gas systems are a little more expensive than electric systems.

Hot water heater comparisons - Quick facts and figures:

  • Tankless water heaters provide up to 34% more energy efficiency than storage tank water heaters, which means better energy savings for you
  • Tankless water heaters use less than 41 gallons or less of hot water each day compared to storage tank heaters
  • Tankless water heaters are normally more expensive than storage tank heaters but normally last longer, increasing your hot water heater’s life span from 10 or 15 years to over 20
  • You could enjoy energy savings of up to 27%-50% more by installing a tankless water heater at each hot water outlet.
  • Storage water heaters cost less to maintain and repair when needed. The systems are less complex so repair costs are more affordable.
  • Operating a storage water heater is easier than a tankless unit. Tankless units are more complex which makes them harder to operate.
  • The latest storage tank systems provide good energy efficiency. That means more energy savings for you.

Of course, it’s always best to discuss your hot water system wants and needs with a professional plumber who will help you determine which is best for you and your needs.

Leffler Energy stocks tankless and storage hot water heaters from all leading brands. No matter what hot water heating system you choose, you can rely on our home service professionals to help you choose the most energy-efficient model for you. Our team can handle all of your hot water tank installation and repair needs, too.

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