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Living and working where you do, we realize the challenges that local weather extremes and conditions can present for home and business owners. That's why we also offer humidifier services to maintain comfort levels, help prevent mold growth, property damage and potentially improve your health.

Whole house humidifiers operate by creating a vapor when the warm dry air is blown over a water-soaked area (flow-through units) or through evaporated steam from heated water (steam units). As the vapor or steam circulates, the relative humidity rises in the living areas.

Why it's important to keep your humidifier functioning at peak efficiency:

  • Optimal range for the annual relative humidity is 35% during the heating season, according to ASHRAE standards. A properly functioning humidifier will help maintain this range.
  • Mold growth develops when humidity levels are above 60%. Humidity controls are designed to inhibit relative humidity from exceeding the 60%.
  • Too little humidity can damage wooden assets in the home – i.e. hardwood floors, staircases, furniture and musical instruments.

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