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We're the company you want to keep for all of your natural gas services.

Leffler truck in front of homeWe’ve been satisfying the home heating needs of our PA neighbors for over 60 years and that includes taking care of all of their natural gas needs, too. Our natural gas services are all designed with you as the #1 priority and include:

  • Converting oil heating systems to natural gas systems
  • Maintenance services and replacement of your current natural gas equipment
  • New, energy-efficient natural gas systems from leading manufacturers
  • Comprehensive service plan options
  • Professional, certified technicians and a customer service team who are there when you need them around the clock.
  • Emergency repair services
  • Tune-ups to make sure your system is running efficiently and operating year-round. Call to schedule your tune-up today

Most homeowners’ insurance will not cover repairs to your heating system. That’s why we have two natural gas service and protection plans to help you avoid any unexpected costly expenses. More importantly, our plans protect your home by ensuring that any repairs are done in a timely manner, giving you total peace of mind.

Our Natural Gas Basic Protection Plan includes:

24/7 on-call access to service.

We're here for you when you call, to get your repairs done quickly before they become bigger problems. There are no charges for services covered by this agreement when performed between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. If you request service for arrival prior to 8:00 am or after 5:00 pm, on a federal holiday (the day when the post office is closed), or weekend, there will be a diagnostic fee.


One of the smartest ways to lower your energy bills is to make sure that you tune up your equipment every year. Scheduling and performing a tune-up will ensure that your system will run efficiently all year round.

GET A 15% DISCOUNT on regular rates.

Save even more with this plan that gives you a 15% discount on our regular rates for any repair work not covered by your plan.

For more information about our natural gas services, call 800.984.1411

Some exclusions apply, please contact us for details.