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Central air conditioning vs ductless air conditioning systems.

The positives and the negatives.

Before making the important and big budget purchase of a new air conditioning system for your home, it pays to learn more about your options. We’ve put together this list of pros and cons that you should know about two of the more popular AC systems, central air and ductless, for you to make the smartest decision for you and your home.

Central air conditioning system.

How it works:
This system delivers air to and from rooms by one or more fans and a series of ducts and registers from a central location. As air warms up circulating throughout the home, it flows back to the central system through a different set of ducts and registers to be cooled. The cooler area is then recirculated and this cycle continues to keep the home temperatures comfortable


  • Improves the value of any home that you install it in
  • Already have ductwork? Easy to install a new system
  • Unseen ductwork and discreet vents throughout the home
  • No bulky wall units in rooms for better aesthetics inside the home
  • Better at maintaining humidity and keeping the whole house cool and comfortable
  • Latest models are energy-efficient to help you save energy and money


  • Usually quite costly, particularly if your home has no existing ductwork and if the system isn’t properly sized to cool your living spaces.
  • Requires annual tune-up and maintenance
  • Air ducts need to be cleaned every few years

Ductless air conditioning system.

How it works:
This system has an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit that are linked by a small conduit. This is all able to maintain a consistent, cool and comfortable temperature in any room or interior. During colder weather, this process can be reversed, so it functions as a heating unit, too.


  • No expensive ductwork is required
  • Can cool multiple rooms throughout your home as a condenser outside can manage up to four units. It’s possible to add another outside evaporator to cool more rooms
  • Small compact units can be configured to fit a room, placed on walls or ceilings
  • Flexible as you can manage them with a remote-control
  • Better temperature control for specific zones or rooms in your home
  • Very quiet
  • Energy efficiency and savings over time can help offset expensive installation costs


  • Units are expensive and if you need multiple systems for different areas/zones in your home, the cost can add up quickly
  • Will affect the aesthetic of any room, visibly installed on a wall or ceiling
  • It can be challenging to correctly size the right system for the room or space inside your home

Whether you think a ductless or central air conditioning system is right for you and your home, you can rely on your local Leffler Energy team for everything that you need. With special offers for new systems, our team will make sure that any installation or repairs are done right and on time, every time.

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