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Top 10 reasons to buy a generator.

If you're on the fence about buying a generator to keep your work and household online during the toughest weather that Mother Nature throws at you, we've got the top 10 reasons to buy a standby generator. The list also includes the different ways they may be able to make life easier for you and your loved ones.*

  1. It keeps you sheltered and protected during a storm.
    Our standby generators are permanently installed and always monitor the connection to utility power. As a result, the home generator automatically detects a loss of electricity and fires up. This is different from a portable generator, which requires you to go outside, set up safely, and start manually, regardless of the conditions outside.
  2. Standby generators have a longer runtime than portable generators.
    Portable generators are limited - in power and runtime - by how much generator fuel you have on hand. Our home generators are powered by reliable Briggs and Stratton engines and are connected directly to your fuel source, natural gas, or liquid propane, allowing prolonged runtime and producing enough electricity to provide your home with reliable backup power.
  3. Critical and luxury appliances keep running when the power goes out.
    Our generators come in a range of sizes and options and can power everything from light bulbs to televisions and jacuzzi tubs. Keep your family by keeping the essentials on and make toughing out the storm a little less stressful with some household comforts.
  4. Food stays fresh - longer. Generators can keep your refrigerator running.
    With a cold refrigerator and freezer through a storm, you save money and maintain emergency supplies by saving food.
  5. Business Owners: Generators minimize business downtime.
    Does your business rely on servers, refrigerators, or other appliances that could be damaged in the event of a power outage? Save your small business time, worry, and money by helping to ensure the safety and uptime of your most crucial business tools.
  6. Sump pumps stay on - avoiding flood damage.
    Is flooding a concern in your house or home business? Backup generators power your sump pump during the heaviest downpours.
  7. Generators are outfitted with wireless monitoring & other generator features.
    Standby generators are outfitted with premium features that you won’t find on a portable generator. Coming soon, generators will even be outfitted with a wireless device that notifies your cell phone when utility power has been restored to your home or business, so you can always be sure that your generator is working flawlessly.
  8. Keeping the lights on helps calm kids during a power outage.
    Are your children - or maybe you - afraid of the dark? Home generators keep lights on through a power outage, so your family has one less thing to worry about during a storm.
  9. The generator's automatic transfer switch does the work for you.
    Portable generators are constrained by fuel availability during a power output, while generators are outfitted with a smart, sophisticated power management system and automatic transfer switch. Expertly installed by our professional installation and service team, transfer switches protect your and utility workers’ safety from the back feed. And, they allow you to prioritize cycling power between critical appliances like sump pumps, heaters, and ventilation systems.
  10. Standby generators give you peace of mind.
    Home generators are wired into your home's electrical system and require no setup and minimal maintenance once a professional electrician has completed your generator installation. Homeowners can experience tranquility during a storm, feeling confident that their home generator installed by us will protect their family and home!

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*Source: gegenerators.com