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Sponsorships, local charities and community programs.

Throughout the year we actively sponsor and support people, events, charities and community programs through various sponsorships and fund raising activities. Shown below are some of the community events that Leffler Energy are proud to be a part of:


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We are excited to announce a new way to help with our efforts giving back to your local communities.  

“Fast” Freddie sponsorship.

Leffler Energy is delighted to sponsor our own PA neighbor, 28-time track championship and many other title winning race car driver “Fast” Freddie Rahmer on his amazing winning streak on the car racing circuit. Look out for Freddie’s car on the track at racing venues throughout the year and come meet our team and check out his car.

Leffler #51 race car

Freddie Rahmer finishes second.


One mistake and the opportunity was gone on Friday night for Freddie Rahmer.

Rahmer had his chance to catch and pass Rick Lafferty in the closing stages of the 25-lap main-event at Williams Grove Speedway. He had one hiccup that cost him the chance for his first ever win at the historic facility.

Fast Freddie's Leffler Race Car

Afterwards, he received some tough love from his father Fred. He went over the mistakes that the youngster made throughout the feature including the miscue that took away his opportunity for a triumph.

“I didn’t drive very good in the heat race,” said Rahmer. “We were a lot better there in the feature. We changed one thing and I was way more comfortable. I was better than Lafferty but I got excited when I got to him. If I had calmed down like my dad said I would have drove right by him.”

Part that excitement saw him catch the wall off of turn four with only a few laps to go. Once he did that Lafferty’s lead became insurmountable.

Fast Freddie's Leffler Race Car in action

“Once (Greg) Hodnett broke I was close to Lafferty so down here (turns three and four) I drove across and blew right through what was left of the curb,” stated Rahmer. “I drilled the wall with a couple to go.”

Most drivers were glued to the curb on Friday, Rahmer was able to work the middle and bottom lanes when he had to which gave him an advantage.

“Most of these guys their car depends on the curb,” he said. “We can off it in the middle, a lane down and still be stuck like them and have traction.”

Fast Freddie's team and family

All-in-all it wasn’t a bad night for Rahmer. It’s obvious that he’s on the cusp of putting his No. 51 in Victory Lane. It’s only a matter of time.

“Moon (Byers) has our cars so good here and at Lincoln with a little more experience I’ll be right there all the time,” Rahmer commented. “I should have knocked that one out. I just need to calm down and put the whole night together. I’m still not very good in the heat races here, but we’re good in the features. I think it’s in my head honestly, that’s all it is.”

Other events:

Leffler Shirt with race cars on back
  • Daffodil Days to support the American Cancer Society
  • Local parades (check out our completely refurbished 1934 Ford Leffler Energy antique oil truck)
  • Threshold Foundation (our donation helped purchase a sewing machine, which will be used to teach sewing and how to use discarded materials more energy efficiently to make shopping bags!)
  • United Way Day of Caring
  • Heart Walk of Lancaster County
  • National MS Society
  • Human League of Lancaster County
  • Tail Wagger Trot