Heating & Cooling

Service plans.

There’s nothing more important than peace of mind when it comes to your home comfort systems and equipment. That’s why we offer multiple, comprehensive service plans to suit your individual needs. Select the right level of service and protection you want for your heating system, AC system or backup generator.

  • Heating oil boiler and furnace service plans.
    Our two service plan options provide you with everything you need to give you peace of mind, all year round.
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  • Propane service plans.

    If you use propane in your home, Patriot Propane – a Leffler Energy company – has the service plan you need.
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  • Natural gas service plan.

    If you use natural gas in your home, our service plan will make sure that your equipment is properly maintained.
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  • Gas-electric water heater service plan.

    Make sure that your natural gas water heating system is running at peak efficiency and help prevent any potentially costly repairs.
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  • Air conditioning system service plans.

    We have three service plan options to make sure that you enjoy a cool and stress-free summer.
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  • Backup generator service plans

    Make sure that your backup generator is always ready to keep power on during an outage with this service plan.
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