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Environmental protection.

Leffler Energy has placed substantial effort into the development and implementation of an Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) patterned after ISO-14001 guidelines. The EHSMS Development Committee has developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure that all Leffler Energy facilities and work practices follow three basic principles: Prevention, Compliance, and Continuous Improvement. The EHSMS represents active implementation of our Core Values.

The following Policy demonstrates the Company's commitment to EHS excellence. We are building the System with the goal of ISO-14001 registration. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of our program by clicking here.

The Leffler Energy EHS policy.

Leffler Energy is committed to prevention, compliance and continuous improvement in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management, while delivering outstanding products and services to its customers. The Company believes that sound EHS management is vital to the Company's long-term business strategy; it is also consistent with the Company's Core Values, particularly Safety and Environmental Stewardship. The Company and each of its valued employees will:

  1. Take all steps necessary to prevent spills and related emissions to air, water, soil and property.
  2. Provide ongoing training to employees to ensure compliance with and encourage understanding of EHS requirements and Company Policy.
  3. Aggressively pursue substitution, recycling and other forms of waste minimization.
  4. Assure compliance with and improvement on EHS requirements and Company policy through continuous monitoring, inspections, and third-party reviews.
  5. Encourage involvement of all employees in EHS improvement through suggestions, awards, incentives and other community programs.
  6. Assess employee EHS performance through performance reviews.
  7. Anticipate and respond to potential and apparent EHS issues that would compromise our Core Values through use of a published no-tolerance internal disciplinary policy.
  8. Aggressively respond to, and minimize impact of, emergency events involving all aspects of the Company's business.
  9. Communicate our policy to contractors, suppliers, customers and the public.


CARE stands for Clean Up for Accidental Release to the Environment and covers up to $100,000 of damages including labor and required materials if your tank releases oil into the ground. Accidental fuel oil releases are uncommon, but some tanks do leak. Clean up can be expensive, often costing thousands of dollars.

Most homeowner's insurance does not cover clean up of Accidental Fuel Oil Releases on your property which is why you need CARE.

Designed to cover above ground tanks , CARE provides valuable protection for only pennies a day.

Several customers have asked us about options that may be available to protect the value of their home and property from the effects of a fuel release– an event not covered by most homeowner policies. If you have a ComfortCare Service Plan with us, you may qualify for the optional $100,000 CARE Warranty program.

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