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Title Partnering with PPA TEC to build the Leffler Energy HVAC team

On Friday, March 24th, 2023, Leffler Energy General Manager Mike McCurdy and Field Service Supervisor, Larry Lawrence were delighted to welcome new HVAC technician Ty Hoke to the Leffler Energy family.

Ty recently graduated from PPA TEC in Harrisburg, PA and Leffler Energy knows that hiring a graduate from there means that they’re getting a technician who has been through a rigorous training program that fully equips them to hit the ground running as part of the HVAC technician team. Leffler Energy looks forward to providing further training and opportunities for certification to help Ty, and any HVAC technicians they hire, grow, learn and build their careers.

Having PPA TEC locally in Harrisburg, which has a great reputation educating and training technicians, is a huge advantage to Leffler Energy and other HVAC companies in the region when looking to hire new technicians. Local HVAC companies also rely on PPA TEC for further training or updated certification that may be required for their HVAC technician team.

Leffler Energy is always happy to have the opportunity to hire graduates from PPA TEC and help them further their HVAC industry career. Mike McCurdy and his team look forward to continuing their partnership with PPA TEC and building the Leffler Energy team by hiring more graduate technicians in the future.

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