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Natural gas furnace - Tune up checklist.

Removing furnace cover

If you use natural gas to heat your home, use our helpful checklist to learn why having it tuned up and ready to take care of you all winter is important. It will also help you ensure that it’s tuned up correctly.


Why schedule a natural gas furnace tune up every year before heating season:

  • Provides more opportunity to take care of any issues before you switch your system on as winter approaches.
  • Typically, the cost of an annual tune-up compared to the cost of any potential larger repair work or, even worse, replacing your furnace, makes the tune up well worth it!
  • You can help prevent any unexpected breakdowns by resolving potential issues before they become expensive ones to repair.
  • By not keeping your furnace in peak condition, it could potentially void any manufacturer’s warranty that you might have.
  • Doing it during off-season, like late summer, gives you more appointment availability.

What actions every technician must take during a natural gas furnace tune up:

Changing HVAC filter
  • Check out the furnace’s vent system, clear blockages and/or seal leaks.
  • Check and ensure that combustion gases meet manufacturer specs to ensure it runs at peak efficiency - normally at least 85% or above.
  • Check the blower door and make sure it has a tight seal, to prevent leaks.
  • Check that fresh air louvers have no blockages and are clear for your system to run properly.
  • Examine the heat exchanger for signs of rust or corrosion to help prevent leakage of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes and heat your home safely.
  • Check burners for efficient ignition and sufficient burner flame.
  • Check the furnace’s blower wheel and, if required, clean it.
  • Examine all wires and filters for any damage. Filters should be changed more frequently than once a year during an annual tune up.

With an annual natural gas furnace tune up, your heating system should be ready to handle the winter weather and run efficiently to save on energy costs. If you want more peace of mind, a service plan can provide you with emergency coverage should a problem arise. Leffler Energy has comprehensive service plan options to fit your budget.

Please give us a call today to schedule your annual natural gas furnace tune up and learn more about our service plan options.