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We have the generator services you need to keep power on in your home during any outage.

Throughout the year, lightning, wind, and snowstorms disrupt everyday life by causing major power outages for hours or even days! From simple food spoiling and lighting issues to more crucial health and safety issues, you need power to make sure life goes on as normal.

Why every home should have a backup generator: with our range of whole house standby generators and services

  • 3.5 million people experience a power outage each week.
  • You can lose over $200 in food due to spoilage from powerless freezers and refrigerators.
  • Basement flooding due to unpowered sump pumps can cost over $20,000 in repair and replacement costs.
  • It can cost over $150 a night to stay at a hotel for you and your family.

Don't let a power outage disrupt your life again. Leffler Energy has the whole house standby generator services to ensure that your power stays on the next time power goes out:

  • Expert advice in choosing the best generator option for your home and particular needs
  • Whole house generator options with automatic transfer switches -- propane and gas powered
  • Professional installation and service
  • Attractive financing available for qualified customers*
  • 24/7 service and support you need through storms, rain, hail, sleet, or snow

Whole house, standby generator service plans.

It's a terrible feeling to notice after a storm that your generator isn't working properly. It pays to plan ahead and schedule a generator tune-up so that your generator starts up when your power goes off.

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Call 877.827.9317today to learn more about our generator options and service plans! Remember, generators sell out fast when storms hit, so be prepared and get yours from us now!

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