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Helping the RBR Race team make more victory laps
on the racing circuit.

Brandon Rahmer's Leffler sponsored car!

Leffler Energy is delighted to sponsor our own PA neighbors, the Rahmer family, again this year! Brandon and Freddie Rahmer, sons of 28-time track championship and many other title winning race car driver “Fast” Fred Rahmer, will be competing at major speedway races and our team is excited to support them both and feature our logo on their cars. We wish both Brandon and Freddie a safe and successful year ahead, and hope their cars are the first through many checkered flags during this year’s sprint car racing circuit. Cheer on Brandon and Freddie and look out for their cars at racing venues throughout the year.

Successful race car drivers aren’t the only thing with a great history here. For home heating and comfort services, Leffler Energy has always been right here, too.

For over 100 years, Leffler Energy has been the company that your neighbors rely on for:

  • Automatic heating oil delivery
  • Automatic propane delivery, through Patriot Propane, a Leffler Energy company
  • Heating and AC system sales, installation and repair
  • Service plan options
  • Pricing and payment plans
  • Natural gas system installation and repair
  • Generators, hot water heaters, agricultural, duct cleaning services and more

All backed by local, 24/7 customer service and support – in any weather!

Leffler race car and billboard

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