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Heat your home and do more to protect the environment.

Heating options that are eco friendly

We tend to take heating our homes for granted and worry only if our furnace breaks or needs to be replaced. But, did you know that by switching to more energy-efficient equipment or a cleaner fuel source, that you can do a lot more to protect the environment, go green and lower your carbon emissions?

It’s actually easier than you may think. Installing the latest, energy-efficient equipment is probably the smartest move you can make but even changing the fuel you use in your existing furnace or using different heating options will help you live a little more environmentally responsible. In fact, you may already be using a cleaner fuel than you thought!

Below are some heating options highlighting the features and benefits of each to help you protect the environment and go green while heating your home:


  • It’s cleaner than ever before! The latest technologies have helped develop options like lower sulfur blends mixed with biofuels.
  • In the past few decades, when compared to natural gas, oil has been cleaner and less expensive to burn.


Leffler is here with environmentally friendly heating options
  • Manufactured using vegetable oil, animal fat and/or recycled restaurant grease, biodiesel is renewable, biodegradable and greener than regular home heating oil.
  • Can generate electricity like fossil fuel, with less CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.
  • Most of the latest, energy-efficient oil heating systems can handle being fueled by biodiesels but it’s always best to check with your heating oil provider first before switching.


  • It has low carbon emissions, is non-toxic and naturally clean burning.
  • Helps you lower your carbon footprint as it can be used to generate electricity, too.

You can rely on your local Leffler Energy team for oil and biodiesel fuel options. We also can handle all your home propane needs, through Patriot Propane, a Leffler Energy family company.

To learn more about these greener home heating systems and fuel options or figure out if any of them are solutions for you, our team is ready to help. Just give us a call today!