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Is it time for an AC tune up? These are the 5 red flags letting you know it's time to schedule yours.

Is it time for an AC Tune-up?

Just like your home heating system, industry experts recommend that every central or ductless AC system have an annual tune up. This helps ensure that your home comfort systems run smoothly and efficiently to keep you comfortable.

But there are also some easy to notice red flag issues that alert you to the fact that it’s time get your AC tune up and quickly! If any of the following issues aren’t addressed promptly, they could lead to much larger problems which can lead to some very costly repairs.

5 red flag AC tune up warning signs:

  1. Strange and unusual sounds coming from your AC system.
  2. If you have a central AC system, you notice major differences in temperature.
  3. Feeling warm air instead of cool air when you place your hand over the cooling register. This means your system is struggling to reduce air temperature and wasting electricity.
  4. Air coming from AC vents feels cool but doesn’t seem to be flowing freely from AC registers.
  5. Do you see any mold in areas where there was none previously in your home or does it seem more humid in the house?

Some of these issues can be easily resolved with a tune up by changing filters, fixing leaks in compressors or the duct system, repairing blocked or broken drain tubes or other minor repairs. The longer you leave these issues unresolved, the more potential for worse problems later. So, be smart! Take note of the above red flag warning signs and schedule an AC tune up as soon as you notice any of them.

Get an AC Tune-up to make sure your systems are working properly

If you have a service plan with an AC service provider, your annual tune up may be covered in the service plan. It’s always best to check. Having an AC service plan is the most ideal way to prevent any major issues from happening and get the necessary emergency repair coverage you need all year round.

By keeping it local with Leffler Energy, you can rely on our team for all your central or ductless AC tune up, repair, service plans and installation needs.

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