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5 reasons why it's better to schedule a heating system tune-up in the summer.

The Summer is the best time to tune-up your heating system!

When winter begins to wind down, you normally begin to think about scheduling an AC tune-up, to get your system ready for summer. Similarly, it’s smart to schedule a heating system tune-up for next winter during the summer months and these are 5 great reasons why:

  1. It’s easier to schedule tune-up appointments to fit your schedule because it’s the off-season for heating companies.
  2. Your heating system will be ready to switch on with no uncertainty and run at peak efficiency as soon as you need it.
  3. You have lots of time to deal with and fix any problems that a tune-up might bring up before you need the system.
  4. You ensure that you’re keeping your home and family safe all year round.
  5. It’s one less thing to do when it’s time to think about “winterizing” your home.

Plan ahead for next winter and schedule your heating system tune-up with us today! Your local Leffler Energy team can take care of any service and repairs of systems from all major brands.

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