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Bryant Air Conditioning Equipment

Keep your cool all summer long.

Escape the soaring temperatures of the summer heat with a central air conditioning system. Our professional technicians will recommend and install the proper size cooling system for your home. Our HVAC service teams are fully qualified to install and service any complete system - including ductwork installation and extras -- like air purifiers and in-line humidifiers. Leffler Energy's reliable year-round maintenance services are available to ensure your total seasonal comfort, too.

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Bryant - Preferred Series Model 127A

Bryant's Preferred Central Air Conditioner combines up to 17 SEER cooling efficiency and quiet, ultra-dependable performance for whole-house comfort. Our environmentally-friendly refrigerant makes it an even smarter choice.

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Bryant - Legacy Series Model 113A

With our Legacy Central Air Conditioner, you can cut your utility bills, yet still enjoy reliable whole-home comfort. With an up to 13 SEER rating, it delivers energy-efficient, economical operation that's as quiet as running your dishwasher.

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Bryant - Evolution® Series Model

The Evolution® Central Air Conditioner delivers the ultimate in whole-home comfort with a Consumers Digest Best Buy rating and our highest SEER rating to ensure the finest in energy-efficiency and economical performance.

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Air Conditioning Equipment Repair

Even during the hottest summer heat wave, you can rely on our dedicated team of local, licensed, professional technicians to take care of any air conditioning system repairs from all major brands.

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Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Services

Do you live in a house with no ductwork? You can still stay cool during the summer with the latest energy-efficient ductless AC system.

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Central Air Conditioning Equipment Installation

Our technicians will work with you to recommend the best system for you and your home.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Central Air Conditioning System?

Be aware of signs that might indicate that your central air conditioning system is reaching, or has reached, the end of its life 

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Choosing the Best Air Conditioning System for Your Home

Which type of air conditioning unit is best for you? Take a look at this article listing the pros and cons of each.

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Financing Options

We'll make financing your new equipment easier than ever!

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